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Classic Motorsport HubMod ReleasesAlabama Intl Motor Speedway 1969-1983

Alabama Intl Motor Speedway Oval, from ca. 1969-1983

Based on the Talladega Road Course by DutchDevil, which in itself is based on the NR2003 version by Ryan Kelley.

Current version: 1.1
- Features 50+ garage stalls
- Rolling starts from the Pit Lane
- Currently not yet optimized for AI racing
- Track surface optimization by ItaloTracks

Known issues:
- AI cars will swerve and brake suddenly at start-finish line
- Pace Car might be unreasonably fast on the Warm-Up lap leading to a rolling start

- Optimize AI for Single-Player racing


2022 Classic Motorsport Hub; 2006 DutchDevil. Conversion, re-upload and selling of this product is strictly prohibited.
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